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( 1 )

» (1) Blindfold
Q: What do jap's use for blindfolds? A: Dental floss. ...
By: 22-Oct-2007 Added On : anonymous Viewed : 1921 times
» (2) Black man and Pizza
Q: What can a pizza do that a black man can't? A: Feed a family of 4 ...
By: 12-Dec-2009 Added On : Rico Viewed : 2022 times
» (3) Meicans
Q: Why cant mexicans play UNO? A: Becase they steal all the green cards ...
By: 05-Apr-2010 Added On : bryce Viewed : 1725 times
» (4) To the Left
Q. Why does beyonce sing to the left to the left? A. Because black people dont have rights ...
By: 15-Mar-2011 Added On : Jesus G. Viewed : 1994 times

( 1 )

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