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» (1) good ol' boy
Three cowboys were hanging out in the bunkhouse. "I know that smart-alec Tex," said the first. "He's going to start bragging about that new foreign car he bought as soon as he gets back." "Not Tex," said the second. "He'll always be just a good ...
By: 22-Mar-2005 Added On : Shughal Viewed : 2091 times
» (2) global problems
two friends are discussing the world's problems. asks the first: - What's worse, ignorance or apathy? - I don't know and I don't care. responds his friend. ...
By: 01-Apr-2005 Added On : anonymous Viewed : 2071 times
» (3) fastest thing in life
An Englishman, Welshman, Scotsman and an Irishman were all sitting down discussing what is the fastest thing in life. After much deliberation the Englishman said, "I believe it is the process of thought, it comes out in a flash." "Good try" agreed the Sc ...
By: 28-Feb-2006 Added On : Layla LaShelle Viewed : 2135 times
» (4) Bobby and Billy
Bobby and Billy were playing cards in the dirt. Across the street from them was a huge house. Men liked to go to this place for some reason. Every once in a while, Bobby and Billy would look away from their playing and temporarily observe the strange beha ...
By: 05-May-2006 Added On : Mot Viewed : 2279 times

( 1 )

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