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» (11) Christmas Poem
"Merry Christmas Piffy, Dream all the way!" POEM by "SubmarineBoy" Old Saint Nick has a great big prick He uses it hard and he uses it quick When he comes to your house better give him a cookie Or he'll ride you hard and a tad bit dirty As he p ...
By: 03-Apr-2008 Added On : SubmarineBoy Viewed : 1219 times
» (12) More Dirty Poems
I talked to an onion this week, But she cried when she started to speak; For she said she'd been left All alone and bereft When her boyfriend went out for a leek. ************************************* There was an old man of Belfast Whose active se ...
By: 05-Mar-2009 Added On : Ross Viewed : 4016 times
» (13) More Dirty Poems
A brother, a bastard named Ben, Could rotate his pecker, and then He would shoot through his rear, Which made him the dear Of the girls, and the envy of men. **** There was a young man from Savannah, Met his end in a curious manner. He whittled a ...
By: 12-Jul-2008 Added On : William Brabant Viewed : 5772 times
there once was this man from Namtucket. His dick was so long he could suck it. He said with a grin as he wiped off his chin. If his ear were a cunt he could fuck it. ...
By: 30-Oct-2011 Added On : AWOOD1 Viewed : 6575 times
» (15) Shirtlifter called Tone
There was a shirtlifter called Tone He wanted to suck on my bone We met in the shower He sucked for an hour And now he won't leave me alone ...
By: 10-May-2010 Added On : seppe Viewed : 1342 times
» (16) Jeremy The Gerbil
Was rescued from the store one day Bound for a cage, a life of play But once home things were getting weird You pulled my claws, you shaved my beard Stuffed in a toilet-paper roll Then cast into this smelly hole I crawled in deep I crawled in and I ...
By: 13-Jun-2010 Added On : Max Viewed : 1427 times
» (17) A MAn's Obligation
it's a man's obligation to stick his boneration in a women's separation this sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation. now do you understand or must I do a demonstration ...
By: 16-Jul-2011 Added On : Kevin Viewed : 6822 times
» (18) man from st.claire
There once was a man from St.claire who screwed his wife on the stair, the banister broke, he quickened his stroke and finished her off in the air. ...
By: 29-Oct-2010 Added On : cody Viewed : 1081 times
» (19) Dirty Poem - Jon
Jon decided to give drinking a try across the bar he caught a young ladies eye together they left, oh, bout an hour went by since he's been back, all he'll do is cry all because i told the truth, didn't wanna lie it wasn't pussy he ate, if it poked h ...
By: 31-Jan-2011 Added On : MTK Viewed : 1859 times

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