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Weekly Column by Jason Love

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Main » 10 Best Jokes
» Taking care of the wife
Gold - Best Joke In the world, one single rule applies to the men: Make the Woman happy. Do something she likes, and you get points. Do something she dislikes and points are subtracted. You don't get any points for doing something she expects. Sorry, that's the way the ga ...

rates 22181.8 out of 5
added 3 years, 585 days ago by HotGod read 5773 times

» Sex Of The Baby
Silver - Second Best Joke There were three women who were at the gynecologist having pre-natal checkups The doctor asked the first woman "in what position was the baby conceived ?" "He was on top ", she replied. "You will have a boy !" the doctor exclaimed. The second wo ...

rates 3.31 out of 5
added 3 years, 3281 days ago by jay read 3125 times

» Johnny is too smart
Bronze - Third Place A first grade teacher, Mrs Brooks was having trouble with one of her students. The teacher asked, "Johnny what is your problem?" Johnny answered, "I am too smart for the first Grade. My sister is in the third grade and I am smarter than she i ...

rates 3.27 out of 5
added 3 years, 3307 days ago by HotGod read 2150 times

» Little Johnny's fly
Star - Joke in 10 Best Jokes Every day Little Johnny went to the park and sat on the park bench to watch the squirrels climb the tree. One day while Little Johnny was sitting on the park bench, Susie walked by and unzipped Little Johnny's fly. He went home and told his mother abo ...

rates 3.23 out of 5
added 3 years, 3295 days ago by Susie read 2473 times

» mid-life crisis
Star - Joke in 10 Best Jokes This Middle aged man was going through his mid-life crisis so he went out and bought him a new bright red Porsche. So he decided to take his new Porsche on a test drive down the interstate one day. He got up to about 85 mph and all of a sudden he saw ...

rates 3.2 out of 5
added 3 years, 2849 days ago by Dule121 read 2173 times

» Where does a 200 ton elephant sit?
Star - Joke in 10 Best Jokes Where does a 200 ton elephant sit? Anywhere he wants! ...

rates 3.19 out of 5
added 3 years, 3565 days ago by 2laugh Team read 2504 times

» Lawyers Poker
Star - Joke in 10 Best Jokes A bunch of lawyers were sitting around the office playing poker. "I win!" said Johnson, at which point Henderson threw down his cards. "That's it! I've had it! Johnson is cheating!!!" "How can you tell?" Phillips asked. "Those aren't the cards I dealt ...

rates 3.19 out of 5
added 3 years, 3144 days ago by Butt Jee read 1125 times

» life is tough
Star - Joke in 10 Best Jokes One day a cucumber, pickle and a penis were having a conversation: The pickle says: "You know, my life really sucks. Whenever I get big, fat and juicy -- they sprinkle seasonings over me and they stick me in a jar." The cucumber says: "Yeah, you think th ...

rates 3.19 out of 5
added 3 years, 2849 days ago by Layla LaShelle read 1655 times

» Tire Tread Marks
Star - Joke in 10 Best Jokes Q: Why did the blonde have tire tread marks on her back? A: From crawling across the street when the sign said "DON'T WALK". ...

rates 3.18 out of 5
added 3 years, 3565 days ago by Mark read 2253 times

» For Cat Lovers.
Star - Joke in 10 Best Jokes An aquarium is just interactive television for cats. Anything on the ground is a cat toy. Anything not there yet, will be. At least dogs do what you tell them to do. Cats take a message and get back to you. Buy a dog a toy and it will play with i ...

rates 3.17 out of 5
added 3 years, 3565 days ago by 2laugh Team read 5718 times

IT's all GEEKZ to me
By Chaz Wood
IT‘s all GEEKZ to me - by Chaz Wood
”Dumbed Down“

Stan 'N' Isaac
By Jeff Swenson
Stan n Isaac - by Jeff Swenson
”Sensitive Bones“

bigger is better
”Personal Taste“

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