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Weekly Column by Jason Love

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A Poem about Carla
NSFW"Hi I'm Carla can I take your order please?" the waitress cracked a smile
The old man answered "Why sure I'll have some bacon and toast, it's been awhile"

Carla returns with burnt bacon and toast
The old man "Hey! what's this?" he boast

Grabbing the plate Carla's back to kitchen
But last second turns into the Ladies room "Stupid old man!" she bitchin

Drops her panties and showers the toast and bacon with poop
some hit the plate, but the wall she had to scoop

"Here's your Fucking order you hairless old Fart!"
The old man eyes are wide and smiles "please don't be smart"

The old Guy chokes down every last bite
He left her a tip, 2 dollars that's right

So Carla continued to poop and spray every plate from that day on
Rich she was getting with the secret sauce upon

One day a couple came to eat a plate
Waitress Carla gave them an extra splash, Hell it was their first date

They complained about the smell, the drink and left without a tip
To the parking lot she fallowed them walking with a skip

Things got messy fast as Carla carved the two
A butcher knife, chainsaw, anything would do

So remember folks that when you eat out or dine
If Carla is your waitress leave 2 bucks and you'll be fine

  was added by L H 3 years, 3205 days ago and was read 2,128 times

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