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Weekly Column by Jason Love

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magic troll
NSFWThere once was a King and Queen who ruled a kingdom by the sea.
One day the King's brother, who ruled a kingdom in the mountains, took ill and needed help ruling his land.

The first king volunteered to help and explained to the queen that his brother's illness may last many months. They would see one another each weekend. Every other weekend the king would journey, on horseback, down from the mountains. On alternating weekends the queen would journey, up from the seaside, the same way.

"There is one very important thing to remember" said the king. "Halfway between the two lands is a bridge which crosses a deep ravine. The bridge is guarded by a magic troll, who lives under the bridge as most trolls are apt to do. He will ask you to pay a toll, a four leaf clover, so you must promise me you will always remember to bring one with you."

"I will" she replied thinking that would be easy since all castles in those days were surrounded by fields of four leaf clovers, for good luck.

So the time comes for the queen to make her first journey. She picks the clover, puts it in the pocket of her dress and off she goes. After a while she comes to the bridge and out crawls an ugly little troll. "He certainly doesn't look very magical" she thinks to herself.

The troll begins to speak. "I am the troll who lives under the bridge and YOU must pay a toll ... a four leaf clover if you please ... or bend over on your knees."

And with that he dropped his pants revealing the biggest, thickest cock the queen had ever seen. He then thrust his hips back and forth three or four times to show exactly what he intended do with his massive, 13 inch prick.

The queen, all flustered and embarrassed, quickly gave him the clover and hurried on her way.

This went on for many months. The queen grew used to seeing the trolls equipment and even began fantasizing about how it would be to let the troll screw her. After all, the king was just of an average size and he was all she had ever been with. It got to the point where her panties would get damp at the thought of making the journey across the bridge.

One fateful day, as she approached the bridge, she thought "What the hell, you only live once" and threw her clover away.

When she reached the bridge the troll was waiting. "I am the troll who lives under the bridge and YOU must pay a toll ... a four leaf clover if you please ... or bend over on your knees."

"My god" said the queen looking in the pocket of her dress, "I seem to have lost my four leaf clover. It looks like I will have to take the second choice today."

So the troll helps the queen off her horse and leads her down under the bridge where there is a beautiful bed of flowers. She lifts her dress, slips off her silky royal panties, bends over and gets down on her knees on the flowers. As soon as he enters her soaking wet pussy she realizes why he is called a "magic troll".

The troll screws the queen like she has never been screwed before in all her life. Echoes of the queens moans and gasps of pleasure bounce off the ravine walls for the next couple of hours.

When they are finally done they lay exhausted in the flowers.

"I have to admit ..." said the queen, "I'm kind of glad I lost my clover."

"Oh, I hear that one all the time" replies the troll.

"Do many ladies come by here who have lost their clover" says the queen coyly.

"Oh no" replies the troll ...

"But your husband, the King, loses his every single time..."

  was added by b brabant 3 years, 2668 days ago and was read 3,081 times

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