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Weekly Column by Jason Love

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Yo mama's like...
At WorkGrossYo mama's like...

- Yo mama's like a T.V., even a two-year-old could turn her on.
- Yo mama's like a bowling ball. She's picked up, fingered, thrown in the gutter, and then comes back for more.
- Yo mama's like a rifle...four cocks and she's loaded.
- Yo mama's like a bubble gum machine...five cents a blow.
- Yo mama's like Chinese food...sweet, sour, and cheap.
- Yo mama's like a birthday cake, everybody gets a piece.
- Yo mama's like Burger King... Your way, right away.
- Yo mama's like a squirrel, she's always got some nuts in her mouth.
- Yo mama's like 7-Eleven... open all night, hot to go, and for 89 cents you can get a slurpy.
- Yo mama's like a toilet, fat, white, and smells like shit.
- Yo mama's like the Bermuda Triangle, they both swallow a lot of seamen.
- Yo mama's like a street lamp, you can find her turned on at night on any street corner.
- Yo mama's like a telephone booth, open to the public, costs a quarter, and guys go in and out all day.
- Yo mama's like a 747, she has a very large cockpit.
- Yo mama's like a microwave, one button and she's hot.
- Yo mama's like speakers, loud, ugly, lives in a box, and you can turn her up, down, on, and off.
- Yo mama's like a mail box, open day and night.
- Yo mama's like a bag of potato chips, "Free-To-Lay."
- Yo mama's like a turtle, once she's on her back she's fucked.
- Yo mama's like a paper towel, she picks up all kinds of slimy wet stuff.
- Yo mama's like a bowling ball, you can fit three fingers in.
- Yo mama's like a bowling ball, she always winds up in the gutter.
- Yo mama's like cheap liquor, tastes like shit.
- Yo mama's like an aircraft carrier, has a flat top, a big bottom, cruises up and down the coast, and picks up 100 sailors in every port.
- Yo mama's like a bus, guys climb on and off her all day long.
- Yo mama's like a Christmas tree, everybody hangs balls on her.
- Yo mama's like a door knob, everybody gets a turn.
- Yo mama's like Dominoes Pizza, something for nothing.
- Yo mama's like Dominoes Pizza, one call does it all.
- Yo mama's like Pizza Hut, if she isn't there in 30 minutes... it's free.
- Yo mama's like Sprint, 10 cents a minute anywhere in the country.
- Yo mama's like a carpenter's dream, flat as a board and easy to nail.
- Yo mama's like a gas station... you gotta pay before you pump.
- Yo mama's like a goalie: she changes her pads after three periods.
- Yo mama's like a light switch, even a little kid can turn her on.
- Yo mama's like a telephone, even a 3 year old can pick her up.
- Yo mama's like a postage stamp, you lick her, stick her, then send her away.
- Yo mama's like a dollar bill, she gets handled all across the country.
- Yo mama's like a brick, dirty, flat on both sides, and always getting laid by Mexicans.
- Yo mama's like a race car driver... she burns a lot of rubbers.
- Yo mama's like a railroad track, she gets laid all over the country.
- Yo mama's like a screen door, after a couple of bangs she loosens up.
- Yo mama's like a shotgun, one cock and she blows.
- Yo mama's like a Toyota, "OOooh what a feeling!"
- Yo mama's like a vacuum cleaner... a real good suck.
- Yo mama's like a vacuum cleaner... she sucks, blows, and then gets laid in the closet.
- Yo mama's like an ice cream cone... everyone gets a lick.
- Yo mama's like the Panama Canal, vessels full of seamen pass through her everyday.
- Yo mama's like a refrigerator, everyone puts their meat in her.
- Yo mama's like cake mix, 15 servings per package!
- Yo mama's like an elevator, guys go up and down on her all day.
- Yo mama's like Denny's... open 24 hours.
- Yo mama's like McDonalds... Billions and Billions served.
- Yo mama's like McDonalds... What you want is what you get.
- Yo mama's like mustard, she spreads easy.
- Yo mama's like the Pillsbury dough boy... everybody pokes her.
- Yo mama's like lettuce, $1 a head.
- Yo mama's like a hardware store, 25 cents a screw.
Your momma is so fat... the back of her neck looks like a pack of hot dogs!
- Yo momma is so ugly, she entered and ugly contest and one of the judges said "Sorry...No proffessionals allowed!!!"
-Yo momma's so fat, when the lord said - "Let There Be Light", he had to ask her to move over!
-Yo mama's teeth are so yellow that when she smiles, people SLOW DOWN!
-Yo mama is so fat, she walked into a resturant took one look at the menu and said,"yes please!"
-Yo momma so fat, the last time she saw 90210 was on a scale!
-Yo momma's so fat she had to get baptised at Sea World!
-Whenever your mamma farts, she causes a continental drift!
-Yo momma's so fat even if she was the last person alive, the world would still be over populated!

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