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» (51) Bubba
A football coach noticed that his star tackle, Bubba, had so many women hanging around that he couldn't possibly handle all of them. So one day he asked Bubba, "Just what the hell is your secret?" So Bubba replies, "Well Coach, whenever I'm about to ha ...
By: 28-Feb-2006 Added On : William Braba Viewed : 4973 times
» (52) splitting up
A man walks up to a woman sitting alone at a bar. "Okay, so I came over here to ask you to dance, but I'm kind of concerned. I mean, we could hit it off really well, end up having a few drinks, next thing you know you're giving me your number because I'm ...
By: 28-Feb-2006 Added On : William Braba Viewed : 4641 times
» (53) The Liar
Their marriage had been shaky. He was looking shifty and she was sulking. They were washing the dishes. She was washing, he was drying. She handed him a saucer and it broke as he dropped it on the floor. "Why don't you admit it!", she shouted. "Tell me ...
By: 28-Feb-2006 Added On : William Braba Viewed : 3184 times
» (54) back door
A lonely wife brought a man she had just met at a bar home to her bedroom one evening when she thought her husband was out of town. They immediately tore each other's clothes off and started going at it. She sat up quickly in bed as she heard the key in t ...
By: 28-Feb-2006 Added On : William Braba Viewed : 2504 times
HER HONEYMOON IS OVER WHEN... You let one rip in your sleep and don't care if he hears. Talking dirty in bed means shouting obscenities when he hogs the blanket. Chivalry's as dead as the door he lets slam in your face. PMS lasts all month. ...
By: 28-Feb-2006 Added On : William Braba Viewed : 2168 times
» (56) the Bride of Frankenstein
After forty years of marriage, Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein came to a stand still in their love life. Each night Frankenstein would come home from work, eat his dinner, and sit in front of the television set until he fell asleep. Dissatisfie ...
By: 28-Feb-2006 Added On : William Braba Viewed : 2654 times
» (57) the inscription
When her late husband's will was read, a widow learned he had left the bulk of his fortune to another woman. Enraged, she rushed to change the inscription on her spouse's tombstone. "Sorry, lady," said the stonecutter. "I inscribed 'Rest in Peace ...
By: 21-Aug-2006 Added On : anonymous Viewed : 1566 times
» (58) getting into heaven
Three men were standing in line to get into heaven one day. Apparently it had been a pretty busy day, though, so Peter had to tell the first one, "Heaven's getting pretty close to full today, and I've been asked to admit only people who have had particula ...
By: 06-Mar-2007 Added On : jay Viewed : 3086 times
» (59) positive thing
Harvey and Gladys are getting ready for bed. Gladys is standing in front of her full-length mirror, taking a long, hard look at herself. "You know, Harvey," she comments, "I stare into this mirror and I see an ancient creature. My face is all wrinkled ...
By: 21-Aug-2006 Added On : Zaraskitchentops Viewed : 1461 times
» (60) 50th wedding anniversary
A man talking to his friend about what to do for his 50th wedding anniversary. The friend asked, "What did you do for your 25th?" He said, "I took my wife to Hawaii." The friend then asked, "What are you thinking about for y ...
By: 21-Aug-2006 Added On : Dinesh Vora Viewed : 1657 times

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