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» (1) Bunch of Yo Mamma Jokes
Some of you may not find these at all funny but their is defintely a demographic that loves them. We decided to just collect as many as possible and throw them all onto one page. Enjoy! Yo mamma's so fat she had her ears pierced by harpoon. Yo mamma ...
By: 14-Nov-2004 Added On : AnakonDa Viewed : 4359 times
» (2) Your so ugly
You are so ugly the last time you got a piece of ass was when your hand slipped through the toilet paper. ...
By: 14-Nov-2004 Added On : AnakonDa Viewed : 8010 times
» (3) Ugly Face
Hey, what are you going to do for a face when the baboon wants its ass back! ...
By: 14-Nov-2004 Added On : AnakonDa Viewed : 6813 times
» (4) Ugly Kids
Which sexual position produces the ugliest children? Ask your mom. ...
By: 14-Nov-2004 Added On : AnakonDa Viewed : 6601 times
» (5) Glass Wall
Your so dumb, you climbed over a glass wall to see what was on the other side. ...
By: 14-Nov-2004 Added On : AnakonDa Viewed : 4449 times
» (6) Very Poor
You're so poor I went to your house and asked where the bathroom was and you said, '4th bottle to the left.' ...
By: 14-Nov-2004 Added On : AnakonDa Viewed : 6687 times
» (7) Ahh The Suspense
Do you know how to keep an idiot in suspense? I'll let you know tomorrow. ...
By: 14-Nov-2004 Added On : AnakonDa Viewed : 4773 times
» (8) Slip Into Something Comfortable
Why don't you slip into something comfortable. . .like a coma. ...
By: 14-Nov-2004 Added On : AnakonDa Viewed : 4040 times
» (9) Red Shirt
Your so fat that when you walk outside in a red shirt everyone Shouts 'Kool Aid, Kool Aid' ...
By: 14-Nov-2004 Added On : AnakonDa Viewed : 4078 times
» (10) Happy Meal
You're so poor that you put a Happy Meal from McDonald's on Lay-A-way. ...
By: 14-Nov-2004 Added On : AnakonDa Viewed : 4918 times

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