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» (21) The sexually frustrated Jewish couple
An older Jewish gentleman marries a younger lady and they are deeply in love. However, no matter what the husband does sexually, the woman never achieves orgasm. Since a Jewish wife demands sexual pleasure, they decide to ask the rabbi for advice. Th ...
By: 16-Dec-2004 Added On : jay Viewed : 4413 times
» (22) archaeology
A team of archaeologists was excavating in Israel when they came upon a cave. Written across the wall of the cave were the following symbols, in this order of appearance: A woman, a donkey, a shovel, a fish, and a Star of David. It was considered a unique ...
By: 16-Dec-2004 Added On : jay Viewed : 3043 times
» (23) Mitzvah
In a small town in the old country the Rabbi died. His widow, the rebbetzin, was so disconsolate that the people of the town decided that she ought to get married again. But the town was so small, that the only eligible bachelor was the town butcher. The ...
By: 16-Dec-2004 Added On : jay Viewed : 3140 times
» (24) Lonely Jew
A Jewish student was doing well in school in all subjects except for Math. So his parents decide to send him to a private Catholic school. While there the boy came home from school and studied every day. At the end of the marking period the boy got stra ...
By: 17-Dec-2004 Added On : jay Viewed : 2655 times
» (25) Matzo Balls
When Ariel Sharon came to Washington for meetings with George W. and for a state dinner, Laura Bush decided to bring in a special Kosher chef and offer a truly Jewish meal. At the dinner that night, the first course served was matzo ball soup. George ...
By: 10-Feb-2005 Added On : jay Viewed : 2431 times
» (26) Talking parrot
Meyer, a lonely widower, was walking home along Delancy Street one day wishing something wonderful would happen into his life, when he passed a Pet Store and heard a squawking voice shouting out in Yiddish: "Quawwwwk... vus macht du... Yeah, du... outside ...
By: 10-Feb-2005 Added On : jay Viewed : 2865 times
» (27) a shul with a dog
A man walks into shul with a dog. The shammas comes up to him and says, "Pardon me, this is a House of Worship, you can't bring your dog in here." "What do you mean," says the man, "this is a Jewish dog. Look." And the shammas looks carefully and ...
By: 10-Feb-2005 Added On : jay Viewed : 1866 times
» (28) Haircut
A young boy had just gotten his driving permit. He asked his father, who was a rabbi, if they could discuss the use of the car. His father took him to his study and said to him, "I'll make a deal with you. You bring your grades up, study the Torah more, g ...
By: 10-Feb-2005 Added On : jay Viewed : 2635 times
» (29) backward clothes
An old Jewish man gets on the subway in New York and sees a priest. He notices the white collar, and decides to ask what it's about. "Why do you wear your collar backwards?" The old Jewish man asks. The Priest, being polite, responds "Well ...
By: 10-Feb-2005 Added On : jay Viewed : 2054 times
» (30) Yom Tov
Morris calls his son in NY and says, "Benny, I have something to tell you. However, I don't want to discuss it. I'm merely telling you because you're my oldest child, and I thought you ought to know. I've made up my mind, I'm divorcing Mama." The son ...
By: 10-Feb-2005 Added On : jay Viewed : 2326 times

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