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» (51) The Little Boy Who Was Stomping
One day, a little boy, was outside in the backyard stomping on honeybees. When his father came out and saw what the little boy was doing, he made him stop right away and told the little boy, "That's it for you. No honey for a week." Well, then the l ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3839 times
» (52) Cow Priced Like A Car
What would happen if we priced our "COWS" using the same criteria the auto industry uses to price a "CAR"? LIST PRICING A COW A farmer had been taken several times by the local car dealer. One day, the car dealer informed the farmer that he was com ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 4432 times
» (53) Elephant Jokes Eight
Q: Why do elephants have trunks? A: Because they would look silly with glove compartments. Q: What do you do when you come across an elephant? A: Wipe it off! Q: Have you heard about Hannibal crossing the Alps with elephants? A: None of the offsp ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3567 times
» (54) Elephant One Liners
Hickory Dickory Dock, An elephant ran up the clock, The clock is being repaired. A fool-proof method for sculpting an elephant: first, get a huge block of marble; then you chip away everything that doesn't look like an elephant. Don't call an elepha ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 4883 times
» (55) National Books About the Elelphant
very nation has to write a book about the Elephant: The French book - The Sex Life of the Elephant or: 1000 ways to cook Elephant. The English book - Elephants I have shot on Safari. The Welsh book - The Elephant and its influence on Welsh langua ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3506 times
» (56) Elephant Experiment
Three scientists were one day discussing what would happen if they rammed a cork up an elephant's backside and force fed it for 2 weeks. But because the experiment had never been documented and the idea was hard to comprehend they decided to have a go. ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3967 times
» (57) Elephant With Thorn
An elephant is walking through the jungle when she gets a thorn in her foot. She is in absolute agony until an ant strolls by. So the elephant says, "Help me, help me." But the ant refuses unless the elephants agrees to let the ant have his wicked way ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3902 times
» (58) Elephant vs Ants Soccer Game
It was a boring Sunday afternoon in the jungle so the Elephants decided to challenge the Ants to a game of soccer. The game was going well with the Elephants beating the Ants ten goals to nil, when the Ants gained possession. The Ants' star player was ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3845 times
» (59) Circus Elephant
There was this guy who bought an elderly circus elephant. Alas, he couldn't afford to feed it. He'd never seen an elephant jump with all 4 feet off the ground. So he started a contest: entry was $10, and the first person to get the elephant to jump with a ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3582 times
» (60) Quiz For My Smart Friends
This is a quiz to see if you should be considered a 'professional smart person' by your friends. You can scroll down for answers. There are 4 questions. They are not that difficult. 1)How do you put an elephant into a refridgerator? * * * * ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3288 times

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