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Newest Flash Files

10) ”Billiard - The Chalange“ by HotGod

press to view

» A Great variation of the Snooker game. This game has many levels which get harder and harder as you go. ...

Flash File size - 314k

was added on 11.18.06, viewd 26782 times and rated 4.21 out of 5.

9) ”The Fight“ by TheMan

press to view

» Great Fighting animation sequence. ...

Flash File size - 3,477k

was added on 10.19.06, viewd 17036 times and rated 4.23 out of 5.

8) ”On And Off“ by 2Laugh Team

press to view

» A cool game where you need to turn off all lights. Press a turned off light and it will turn on. Do the same to a turned on light and will turn off. All neighbors are also reacting to your pressings. ...

Flash File size - 93k

was added on 09.23.06, viewd 11110 times and rated 4.23 out of 5.

7) ”Nim“ by 2Laugh Team

press to view

» Remove any number of cards from a line. The remover of the last card on screen is a rotten egg a total loser. ...

Flash File size - 13k

was added on 09.17.06, viewd 11148 times and rated 1.93 out of 5.

6) ”Japanese Love“ by 2Laugh Team

press to view

» Love doesn't come easy to Japanese dudes. Love is even harder to Japanese cats. Man, what a life they have. ...

Flash File size - 1,900k

was added on 09.07.06, viewd 8366 times and rated 1.67 out of 5.

5) ”Mr. Bomba: The Fly“ by 2Laugh Team

press to view

» This is the first chapter of this strange looking and even stranger behaving little person. ...

Flash File size - 779k

was added on 09.05.06, viewd 7118 times and rated 4.21 out of 5.

4) ”The Brave Archer“ by ZooLoo

press to view

» Test your arch skills. Aim, Set the Angle and strength and shoot. The other side will try to do the same. ...

Flash File size - 34k

was added on 09.03.06, viewd 25370 times and rated 2.11 out of 5.

3) ”The Package“ by 2Laugh Team

press to view

» This great puzzle will make your brain go up in flames. If you like hard puzzles, this one is for you. ...

Flash File size - 222k

was added on 09.02.06, viewd 8482 times and rated 4.23 out of 5.

2) ”Who wants to be a millionaire?“ by ZooLoo

press to view

» A cool version of the real TV game. Think you can be a millionaire? ...

Flash File size - 632k

was added on 08.31.06, viewd 15379 times and rated 3.43 out of 5.

1) ”Circular Breakout“ by BooBoo

press to view

» The regular Breakout in a circular mode. ...

Flash File size - 238k

was added on 08.29.06, viewd 7769 times and rated 4.21 out of 5.

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