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          Flash - “Bloody Adventure”
» In this flashed game you'll need to help the hero find his way in a very bloody maze. One false move (and you'll do plenty of these) and your hero finds his death.

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7) Love: Comment's author: 子青08/18/07 12:58:00 AM這樣啊,學長

是你一次又一次, 一句又一句的鼓勵,讓我振作起來




was added 3 years, 693 days ago

6) Mohammadreza: De entrada supe que eran fodnos para tarjetas que sigo diciendo son preciosos, he traducido y dices que no los utilizas porque son difedciles, pero si es maravillo el card que has hecho con el ultimo fondo, impresionante, me encantaria que hicieras otro con algun otro fondo, seguro que lo haces de cine y aprenderemos tod@s.Besitos.

was added 3 years, 694 days ago

5) anonymous:

was added 3 years, 887 days ago

4) anonymous: WICKED AWESOME, it would be awesome if it was a little longer

was added 3 years, 3209 days ago

3) anonymous: A little bit longer would be nice.

was added 3 years, 3209 days ago

2) anonymous: its to short!

was added 3 years, 3286 days ago

1) arc: good game but can be for some people

was added 3 years, 3465 days ago

Flash info.
added 3 years, 4227 days ago,
viewed 5,589 times
and rated 4.25 out of 5.

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